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Introducing The Yummiest Authentic Korean fried Chicken In Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Are You Ready For An Out-Of-This-World Experience That Will Explode Your Taste Buds?

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A Super-Tasty And Affordable Choice For Everyone

Young, Old, Children, Teens – Everyone loves Our chicken! Or they will after trying our amazing  recipes!

We have something for everyone. Whether you like sweet, spicy, large portions, small portions, or combos or spicy chicken wings, we offer a wide selection!

Most of all, We use the best Korean fried chicken recipe for our customers.

Your Go-To Comfort Food For Any Occasion

In South Korea, many people celebrate payday or Friday night with chicken, but it is not limited to these occasions.



Our chicken is the perfect companion for many other occasions such as game nights, pyjama parties, family get-togethers, lazy nights, and so much more!

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Really delicious chicken!! I ordered the chicken on rice today and it was a huge portion. Chicken was moist, crunchy and delicious. Rice was perfectly cooked and the coleslaw was a nice palette cleanser. Will definitely be back for more! Current favorites are snow cheese onion and soy chicken.
Tasty tasty super duper spicy fried crispy chicken with rice cakes. Ordered Half: Bone-in (Half chicken) Cheese onion snow chicken (It was crispy and tasty full of flavour),

Half: Boneless Volcano Chicken (Warning it was super spicy and burnt my tongue. It's too hot to handle), Half: Boneless Hot spicy chicken (Super crispy, spicy, tasty obviously),

Half: Boneless Soy Honey Garlic chicken (Sweet, delicious and flavour But there should be more garlic in it). Their radish pickle is so good. New on their menu are full nibbles (Soy honey garlic and hot spicy nibbles Loved it.)They serve tegel halal. Thank you.
Muhammad Nadal
Delicious fried chicken, one of the most satisfying fried chicken I've had in Auckland for the time being. I'll recommend it to my friends and family. few days ago I ordered three favourite of fried chicken and a little bit disappointed when I took it home. So I left a message to KChicken and hoped for improvement. I didn’t expect them to contact me in less than 30 minutes and asked me what was wrong with the food? I told them the problem of course. then, they offer me with the same order and it's FOC. it really surprised me, I will always support KChicken
Sheng Hua

The Rise In Popularity Of Korean Fried Chicken

Over the past few years, Korean culture has been making waves worldwide and will continue to rise in the next few years. 


Aside from the popularity of K-pop, K-dramas, and movies, many people are starting to love and crave Korean food as well, particularly Korean chicken. If you are one of those people, you’re in the right place!


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The Leading Korean Fried Chicken Restaurants In NZ

At K-chicken we have a simple mission – make you happy with our food!

We provide authentic taste dipped with famous Korean chicken sauce to everyone across New Zealand!


Our chicken is crunchy, crispy, and covered in various sauces of your choosing. 

Some flavours are spicy, while others are covered in delicious umami sesame and soy sauce flavours, and some in a sweet sauce. 

Whatever your preferences are, we’ve got you covered! 

Addictively Crunchy

Our chicken is known for its extra crispy texture. 

We double-fry our chicken to ensure that satisfying and crave-worthy crunch that you can’t get enough of.

Irresistible Taste

The authentic Korean recipes and the unique secret ingredients we use to ensure an irresistible taste that will delight your palate!

Korean Culture

Order your favourite fried chicken and dive into the Korean food culture with Korea’s most popular comfort food!